ICT Service Unit

  • All Staff

With the support of external partners, Kabale University is promoting Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in its vicinity of Kigezi. The University aims at bridging the digital gap exhibited between academic and non-academic functions through use of ICT best solutions.  The Department of Information and Communications Technology Services (DICTS) was set up to provide expert services and guidance to all academic and administrative units of the University.

The basic functions for the ICT Service Unit include:

  • ICT policy formulation and support
  • Offering ICT awareness training workshops to users for facilitating general understanding on  the benefits of integrating ICT in  all University functions
  • Recomeneding policy and possible adjustments to the ICT and Library Services committee

DICTS administration is located in the Annex to Computer Lab 1. For any info on your ICT needs please contact us via email:  dicts@kab.ac.ug