Non-Linear Ion-Acoustic Solitary Waves in Electron-Positron-Ion Plasma with Non-Thermal Electrons

Article Authors: S. K. Anguma, I. Habumugisha, L. Nazziwa, E. Jurua, N. Noreen


Abstract: Ion-acoustic solitary (IAS) waves in electron-positron-ion (e-p-i) plasma have been of interest to many researchers probably due to their relevance in understanding the Universe. However, the study of non-linear ion-acoustic waves in e-p-i plasma with non-thermal electrons has not been adequately studied. A theoretical investigation on non-linear IAS waves in e-p-i plasma comprising of warm inertial adiabatic fluid ions and electrons that are kappa distributed, and Boltzman distributed positron is presented here using the Sagdeev potential technique. It was found that existence domains of finite amplitude IAS waves were confined within the limits of minimum and maximum Mach numbers with varying k values. For lower values of k, the amplitude of the solitary electrostatic potential structures increased as the width decreased, while for high values, the potential amplitude decreased as the width of the solitary structure increased.