Dust ion acoustic double layers in a 4-component dusty plasma

Article Authors: I Habumugisha, S K Anguma, E Jurua and L Nazziwa


Abstract: In this paper, we study the Dust ion acoustic (DIA) solitons in an unmagnetised dusty plasma comprising of cold dust particles, electrons that follow Cairns distribution, warm inertial ions, and ion-beams of equal mass, using arbitrary amplitude technique. Our results show that it is possible for both rarefactive (negative) and compressive (positive) DIA solitary waves to coexist. Interestingly, double layers could not limit the existence of solitary waves. These results can therefore help to understand the mechanism for decelerating protons in the accretion flow onto neutron stars in a binary system at radial distances where the effect of magnetic field can be neglected.


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