Community Outreach-Psycho-social support to the inpatients at Muko Health Center IV,Rubanda District, Uganda

Technical Report Authors: A.T Sanni


Community outreach is one of the community services carried out periodically in the Department of Social Work and Social Administration. This is one of the objectives of Kabale University that are tailored to increase productivity, inclusiveness and well-being of the population. To extend psychosocial support to inpatients at various hospitals in the Kigezi region, the department extended the service to Muko Health Center IV in Rubanda District.

It started with a pilot team planned with the Administrators of the health facility- Muko Health Centre IV, to seek consent and draw the schedule with the community. This was done successfully.

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    Psycho-social support for in-patients at the hospital in the Kigezi Region of Western Uganda


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