NISHATI – buildiNg capacitIeS in water, renewable energy and agriculture to enHAnce local resilience to climaTe change in afrIca


The NISHATI project, which means Energy in Swahili, brings growth and innovation to six universities in Africa (2 in Tanzania, 2 in Uganda and 2 in Rwanda) in the field of Eco-agriculture, water management, and green energy for agriculture through the improvement and increase of the educational offer and the acquisition of transversal skills, in particular related to business and development of new economies that, together with the creation of a network of stakeholders, will lead to a concrete enhancement of professional competitiveness. The ten-member consortium is coordinated by the Sapienza University of Rome. It also includes the University of Cadiz in Spain, Hydrowatt and Studio Santi Srl in Italy.

The core of the project addresses the integration and/or creation of new curricula based on the findings of the needs analysis focusing on responding to the regional priorities, especially the Green Deal and Sustainable growth and jobs, through the design of an innovative teaching method based on a triangle approach (theoretical and practical competences and the training of local trainers), the innovation of existing curricula and the integration with new courses, the installation of green labs and the access to the local communities.


    • Katiuscia Cipri (Project Coordinator) Godfrey Sempungu (KAB Project Team leader) Alex Saturday (Didactic leader)
    • Jacqueline Akello (Project Administrator)