Impact of COVID-19 amongst mothers and children in southwestern Uganda


As the COVID-19 pandemic deepens economic and social stress coupled with restricted movement and social isolation measures, gender-based violence is increasing exponentially. Many women are being forced to ‘lockdown’ at home with their abusers at the same time that services to support survivors are being disrupted or made inaccessible. Quarantine measures imposed as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic are putting girls and women at heightened risk of violence in the home and cutting them off from essential protection services and social networks. Evidence from past epidemics indicates healthcare resources are often diverted from routine health services. This further reduces the already limited access of many girls and young women to sexual and reproductive health services, as well as maternal, newborn, and child health services. Challenges in accessing sexual and reproductive health information services including contraception, safe abortion, and HIV medications will exacerbate the risks to girls’ and women’s health and lives.


    • Keneth Iceland Kasozi
    • Nina Oliva Rugambwa
    • Gloria Muhoza
    • Buyinza Daniel
    • Catherine Ashaba
    • Herbert Izo Ninsiima
    • James Tumwiine
    • Noni McDonald