Formulation of Herbal Products for Treatment of Brucellosis from Profiled Plants in the Cattle Corridor of Uganda.


This project is funded by the Science Technology and Innovation – Office of the President (STI-OP) secretariat. The goal of the project is to formulate herbal products for the treatment of brucellosis from profiled plants within the cattle corridor of Uganda. These herbal products will provide alternative and complementary natural therapeutics that can evert emerging health problems resulting from the toxicity and treatment failure of the currently used antibiotics for the treatment of brucellosis. To achieve this goal, the project will, conduct a cross-sectional ethnobotanical survey and document traditional medicinal plants used in the management of brucellosis; determine the phytochemical constituents of the selected medicinal plants; conduct in vitro efficacy studies for extracts and pure compounds; formulate pharmaceutical grade herbal products from the efficacious extracts and pure isolated compounds, and asses and establish the acute and repeated dose toxicities of the formulated products to ensure safety of the products for human use.


    • 1. Dr. George Kwesiga 2. Dr. Daniel Buyinza 3. Dr. Denis Okello 4. Dr. Daniel Matovu

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