Blended Learning Solution to Advance Gender Equality in Education in Uganda


This project is designed to test an innovative solution that promotes gender equality and empowers women in the teaching profession in Uganda, a direct response to the recently approved National Teacher Policy that threatens to exacerbate gender disparities in the largely patriarchal country. It is a trial run of an innovative locally-driven prototype technology solution that measure behavioral changes in target beneficiaries (women in-service Teachers) in Uganda, aiming to validate the test results for future scalable and replicable applications for greater impact. Specifically the project is testing a two-pronged solution that involves: i) widespread sensitization and capacity-building campaigns that highlight the importance of women’s socio-economic participation in Uganda; and ii) a cost-effective, blended, and decentralized e-learning program that will allow women to upgrade their teaching certifications without having to travel to universities or regularly access the Internet. The project is a partnership of Kabale University Faculty of Education, two Canadian non-profits (CEED Concordia & Canadian Institute of Mass Communication CIMC) and a Ugandan women-led organization (ACFODE). The results of this test project will provide critical insight into the potential for transformative change in Uganda’s education system using a community-driven blended learning solution that seeks to dismantle gender barriers and empower women Teachers to continue their participation in the workforce.

Dr. Francis Akena Adyanga
Santosh Shail
Sylvain Rochon
Hawa Keita
Joy Constance Kwesiga
Anny Katabaazi Bwengye


    • Francis Akena Adyanga (PI)
    • Joy Constance Kwesiga (Co-PI)
    • Anny Bwengye (Co-PI)
    • Jones Murangira (Co-PI)
    • Nicholas Nkamwesiga (Co-PI)
    • Conrad Mike Mubaraka (Co-PI)
    • Santosh Shail (Co-PI)
    • Sylvain Rochon (Co-PI)
    • Hawa Keita (Co-PI)
    • Regina Bafaki (Co-PI)

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