Postgraduate Diploma in Education

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Code PDE
Duration 1 Year
Study time Weekend/Holiday
Intake August

Entry requirements

Bachelor’s Degree (Lower Second) from a recognized Institution/University plus 2 principal teaching subjects at UACE

Fees structure

Tuition Fees per Semester (East African) Tuition Fees per Semester (Non East Africans)
UGX. 600,000 $400

Postgraduate Functional Fees (Compulsory)

Computer Laboratory Fee 60,000= (Per Year)
Contribution to NCHE 20,000= (Per Year)
Development Fund 100,000= (Per year)
Examination Fee 100,000= (Per Year)
Games Union 20,000= (Per Year)
Identity Card 20,000= (Paid Once)
Library Fee 50,000= (Per Year)
Medical Fee 15,000= (Per Year)
Registration Fee 60,000= (Per Year)
Research Fee 200,000= (per Year)
Contribution to UNSA 2,000= (per year)
Student Guild Fee 20,000= (Per Year)
Students’ manual 20,000= (Paid Once)
Fieldwork (MSc.Environment only) 500,000= (per semester)

In-service Functional Fees (Compulsory)

Computer Laboratory Fees 30,000= (Per Semester)
Contribution to NCHE 20,000= (Per Year)
Development Fund 50,000= (Per Semester)
Examination fee 50,000= (per semester)
Games union 10,000= (per Semester)
Identity card fee 20,000= (Paid Once)
Library fee 20,000= (per year)
Medical care 15,000= (per year)
Registration fee 20,000= (per year)
Research Fee 20,000= (per year)
Contribution to UNSA 2,000= (per year)
Student Guild fee 10,000= (per Semester)
Students’ manual 20,000= (Paid Once)
University gown 20,000= (paid once)

Consequential Charges

Certification of academic papers 3,000= (per copy)
Late Registration fee 30,000= (per year)
Lost admission letter replacement 5,000= (per issue)
Lost Certificate/Transcript replacement 50,000= (per issue)
Lost examination card replacement 5,000= (per issue)
Lost Identity Card replacement 20,000= (per issue)
Lost Library card replacement 3,000= (per issue)
Lost registration card replacement 5,000= (per issue)
Retake/missed paper fee 50,000= (per paper)
Special Examination fee 30,000= (per paper)
Surcharge (Late Payment Fee) 50,000= (Per Semester)


Accommodation 100,000= (Per Semester)

  1. The University Council reserves the right to adjust the fees without prior notice.
  2. These Programmes are run over Weekends, during Fulltime, or in Recess/Holiday Sessions.

Contribution to NCHE should be deposited using a reference number generated via

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