Master of Science in Environment and Natural Resources

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Code MEN
Duration 2 Years
Study time Fulltime or Weekend
Intake August

Entry requirements

At least a Second Class (Lower) Degree in a relevant field from a recognized Institution/University

Fees structure

Tuition Fees per Semester (East African) Tuition Fees per Semester (Non East Africans)
UGX. 1,250,000 $730

Postgraduate Functional Fees (Compulsory)

Computer Laboratory Fee 60,000= (Per Year)
Contribution to NCHE 20,000= (Per Year)
Development Fund 100,000= (Per year)
Examination Fee 100,000= (Per Year)
Games Union 20,000= (Per Year)
Identity Card 20,000= (Paid Once)
Library Fee 50,000= (Per Year)
Medical Fee 15,000= (Per Year)
Registration Fee 60,000= (Per Year)
Research Fee 200,000= (per Year)
Contribution to UNSA 2,000= (per year)
Student Guild Fee 20,000= (Per Year)
Students’ manual 20,000= (Paid Once)
Fieldwork (MSc.Environment only) 500,000= (per semester)

In-service Functional Fees (Compulsory)

Computer Laboratory Fees 30,000= (Per Semester)
Contribution to NCHE 20,000= (Per Year)
Development Fund 50,000= (Per Semester)
Examination fee 50,000= (per semester)
Games union 10,000= (per Semester)
Identity card fee 20,000= (Paid Once)
Library fee 20,000= (per year)
Medical care 15,000= (per year)
Registration fee 20,000= (per year)
Research Fee 20,000= (per year)
Contribution to UNSA 2,000= (per year)
Student Guild fee 10,000= (per Semester)
Students’ manual 20,000= (Paid Once)
University gown 20,000= (paid once)

Consequential Charges

Certification of academic papers 3,000= (per copy)
Late Registration fee 30,000= (per year)
Lost admission letter replacement 5,000= (per issue)
Lost Certificate/Transcript replacement 50,000= (per issue)
Lost examination card replacement 5,000= (per issue)
Lost Identity Card replacement 20,000= (per issue)
Lost Library card replacement 3,000= (per issue)
Lost registration card replacement 5,000= (per issue)
Retake/missed paper fee 50,000= (per paper)
Special Examination fee 30,000= (per paper)
Surcharge (Late Payment Fee) 50,000= (Per Semester)


Accommodation 100,000= (Per Semester)

Fieldwork, Study, Industrial Training, Attachment, Internship, School Practice fee

UGX 500,000 (Per Semester)
  1. The University Council reserves the right to adjust the fees without prior notice.
  2. These Programmes are run over Weekends, during Fulltime, or in Recess/Holiday Sessions.

Contribution to NCHE should be deposited using a reference number generated via

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