Governance and Leadership-Wrappers of Constitutional Democracy

Governance and Leadership-Wrappers of Constitutional Democracy

In 2020, most African states commemorate their 60th anniversary since attaining Independence from the colonial masters. At such a time, academic honesty demands us to reflect, revisit and reevaluate the development models adopted by African states in the past decades. Such a discourse cannot ignore the governance and leadership questions especially when the subject of public services is put on a table.

This lecture makes a strong case for leadership and governance as ‘Wrappings of the bundles of constitutional democracy’ in our governance architecture. Governance and leadership are argued to be essential for both governments and organizations.

Undeniably, the African continent and Uganda in particular have seen their governance systems trek through traumatic stages and the blemish is placed on leadership deficits. Leadership and governance are central to mankind’s happiness.

This inaugural lecture presentation attempts to examine how mankind’s quest to have a better society has been hampered by lack of good governance and leadership. A historical trajectory of human civilization is examined. While there are a number of academic and practitioner discourses that have been laid on table through scholarly works to demonstrate the importance of leadership and a need to have a well-governed society, the story in

Africa generally and Uganda in particular is devoid of any joyful moments due to numerous problems associated with bad governance and leadership. Yet, the two need to be looked at as solutions as well to the myriad of challenges that have engulfed government service delivery machinery.

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