Students’ Fees Payment Guidelines Academic Year 2023/2024

In the revised Academic Policy and Examinations Regulations, 2023, there are specific guidelines regarding the payment of students’ fees, among other matters for you to take note of. Below, I provide students with detailed KEY DATES to be aware of.

Every student is required to ENROLL and pay full fees at the BEGINNING of every semester. The current semester commenced on 6th January 2024 for HEC & recess, while for continuing students, it was on 5th February 2024.

In the first 30 days of the semester, all students are required to register after paying the full fees or a partial payment of 50% for undergraduates and 60% for postgraduates covering both functional and tuition fees equally.  These dates are 3rd of February 2024 for HEC & Recess students and for other continuing students on 5th of March 2024.

Any student who registers red after the above deadline will be charged Ugx.50,000.

Further, by the end of the 14TH WEEK of the semester (14th April 2024 – HEC students and 12th May 2024 for continuing students), all students shall be expected to have settled all University fees, otherwise, you are advised to visit the Office of Academic Registrar for further guidance. The detailed regulations shall be shared in the updated Student’s Manual for your reference.

Those students who are currently on internship shall have their official semester reporting dates adjusted accordingly.

All students under HESFB (Loan Scheme) are to submit a filled SLA Form for the semester to the Quality Assurance Office within 30 days after the start of the semester to avoid charges.

Please make your fee payment using the PRN generated from your individual portal to URA through RECOGNISED commercial banks, bank agents and mobile money accounts to avoid inconveniences.

Thank you

From: Office of the University Bursar