Open call for a staff and student mobility program at University of Cardiz in Spain

To all faculties in Kabale University

The Directorate of  Research and Grants invites interested applicants to express interest to participate in this call from the Vice-Rectorate for Internationalisation of the University of Cadiz (UCA) has launched the new Call KA171SMSIN2425 for Incoming Student Mobility for Study Purposes.

The Erasmus+ KA171 SMS IN (incoming student mobility for study purposes) programme offers students from non-associated third country partner universities the possibility to carry out a study stay at the University of Cadiz during the first or second semester of the academic year 2024-2025, and, at the same time offers students the chance to gain intercultural experience abroad, become familiar with other higher education systems and meet young people from other countries, thus contributing to the process of international integration.

Beneficiary students will be able to attend courses and use all the facilities available at the University of Cádiz without additional costs (excluding any fees also applicable to local students). In addition, full grant students will receive financial aid funded with Erasmus+ funds for living expenses and travelling. (See Annex VII).

From this link you will be able to access the presentation of the call with the main information, the steps to follow and the necessary documentation to be able to participate. The deadline for final application to the University of Cardiz is 15th April 2024.  includes a link to the research groups – hence the courses that students can take at CADIZ.

Please note that KAB shall submit a final list of nominated members to University of CADIZ. Applicants shall fill out and submit all the necessary requirements as indicated in the links to the call.

Criterial of consideration by KAB in addition to university of Cardiz criteria,

Criteria Level of education by applicant(students & staff) Staff membership  A current/former beneficiary of KAB scholarship 
Rating PHD = 3

Msc/MA = 2

Bsc = 1

Staff member = 2

Non-staff member = 1

Never been a KAB Scholarship beneficiary = 2

A KAB scholarship beneficiary = 1


The rating is on the basis of

  1. KAB and national priorities for capacity building with focus on areas where capacity to deliver the training is constrained.
  2. Whether one is a staff member or not. There are quite a good number of academic staff pursuing further studies and looking for sponsorship.
  3. To spread scholarship opportunities widely to the KAB community.

Interested applicants shall notify the Directorate of Research and Grants by April 9 2024 through the email