Clearance steps in preparation for the 8th Graduation Ceremony which will be held on 28th June 2024

To All Prospective Graduands

Clearance with all relevant offices shall take place from 21st May-14th June 2024 and the following steps shall be followed:

  1. Student picks a clearance form from the Custodian’s office and clears with that office
  2. Student clears with the University Library
  3. Student clears with the Dean of Students
  4. Student clears with the respective Faculty and receives a results testimonial
  5. Student clears with the Bursar’s office and receives a financial statement confirming payment of all fees and Shs. 150,000 Graduation fee.
  6. Student clears with the Registrar’s office:
    1. Admission/Registration Office
    2. Examination Office
    3. The transcript office proofreads the transcript draft