Call For NISHATI Logo Design Competition

NISHATIbuildiNg capacitIeS in water, renewable energy and agriculture to enHAnce local resilience to climaTe change in afrIca is an Erasmus+ Project, funded by the EACEA (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency) under the Key Action 2 (Capacity building in the field of  higher education).
The NISHATI project, which means Energy in Swahili, aims to bring growth and innovation to six universities in Africa:
  • Gulu University – GU (Uganda),
  • Kabale University – KAB (Uganda),
  • University of Technology & Arts Byumba – UTAB (Rwanda),
  • Catholic University of Rwanda – CUR (Rwanda),
  • University of Mzumbe – MU (Tanzania),
  • Sokoine University – SUA (Tanzania)
in the field of Eco-agriculture, Water Management, and Green Energy for agriculture through the improvement and increase of the educational offer and the acquisition of transversal skills, in particular related to business and development of new economies that, together with the creation of a network of stakeholders, will lead to a concrete enhancement of professional competitiveness. NISHATI Consortium is also composed by the Sapienza University of Rome – UNIROMA1 (Coordinator, Italy), the University of Cadiz (Spain) and two companies, Hydrowatt (Italy) and Studio Santi Srl (Italy).
The core of the project addresses the integration and/or creation of new curricula on the basis of the findings of the needs analysis focusing on responding to the regional priorities, especially the Green Deal and Sustainable growth and jobs, through the design of an innovative teaching method based on a triangle approach (theoretical and practical competences and the training of local trainers), the innovation of existing curricula and the integration with new courses, the installation of green labs and the access to the local communities. The Multidisciplinary approach in teaching will be focused on four main aspects: technical, economic, governance and societal, moreover Practical Labs (installed at the Universities or supporting local needs of villages) will be offered to design installation and monitoring of performance conducted by professors and students. Business Skills Labs will provide the final competences to support the development of new business ideas coming from research and answering local needs.
NISHATI project’s main objective is then to modernize and increase the quality of education in Ecoagriculture, Water Management and Renewable Energy in the East African Region, to contribute to remove this important barrier and to have an important social impact, reducing the number of unemployed workforce and, in this way, fighting against poverty.
The project aims also to enable the creation of millions of indirect jobs in the Countries, through an increased capability in the agricultural sector and use of modern renewable energies, crucial factors for country’s (sustainable) development.
Object of the Announcement 
NISHATI Consortium intends to open a public selection of the best logo for the project. NISHATI logo has to summarise the objectives and incorporate design elements relevant to the mission of the project. The winning LOGO shall be used as the Official Logo for the NISHATI and for related communication tools such as Website, Letter heads, Pamphlets, Posters, Social Networks and other purposes.
The Contest is open to the students at African Universities, partners of the NISHATI project (GU, KAB, UTAB, CUR, MU, SUA). Participants, to be considered eligible, must accept and agree to comply with the contest rules and submission guidelines:
  • Participants can submit a maximum of 2 logos, but must be separate submissions;
  • Logo(s) will be accepted from individuals and/or teams;
  • Logo(s) which do not adhere to the rules and guidelines will not qualify for judging;
  • A description of the logo must be submitted, and should not exceed 250 words.
Logo Design Guidelines 
The NISHATI Logo will appear on all Project’s information tools: NISHATI official website, university partners’ websites, Project’s headed paper and all promotional materials, social media and social network. It
  • shall be creative, original and not previously published;
  • shall reflect the NISHATI goals and activities;
  • shall reflect the cooperation between African and European universities;
  • shall include both text and colour;
  • will not include any material (photograph, icon, symbol etc) that is copyright protected.
KEY WORDS: Renewable sources, Energy, Sustainability, Agriculture, Cooperation, Development, Europe, Africa, Environment, Climate change, Quality, Universities, Multicultural, Greeneconomy.
Required Elements:
  • Logo must reproduce well in electronic and print media;
  • Logo should be legible when reproduce on small surfaces;
  • Logo has to be visually effective when used in colour or in greyscale;
  • If the logo incorporates fonts, participants must be able to provide the font names.
The competition schedule:
  • Opening: March 18th, 2024
  • Deadline is April 5th, 2024 
Notification of winner by email by April 12th, 2024.
Soft copy of the logo has to be sent using the following link:
The acceptable image file formats are .png, .jpg, jpeg and .pdf (Resolution of 300 dpi and file size should not be less than 500 kB and not more than 3 MB).  The logo design is only required in ONE of the above-mentioned formats.
NISHATI Steering Committee reserves the right to accept or to reject any or all submissions that do not meet the requirements for participation and/or competition. Incomplete entries will be declared void and will not be eligible for judging.
Judging Criteria 
The Steering Committee, composed by one representative for each partner of NISHATI, will select the logo which better represents project goals, activities, and principles, according to the following criteria:
  • Originality of the design
  • Visual appeal reflecting goals, objectives & aspirations of NISHATI
  • Adherence to the logo design guidelines
Selection of Winners 
All entries will be screened, those that comply with the official contest rules, have met the guidelines and specifications will be judged by the panel.
The winner will be notified by email at the end of judging.
The decision of the NISHATI Steering Committee will be final and no appeal against the decision will be considered.
Intellectual Property Rights 
Once the prizes have been awarded to the winner the copyright and the ownership of the Intellectual Property Rights for the winning logo design will deem to be transferred to the NISHATI. The winning design will be used exclusively as the official logo of NISHATI. The use of selected logo for other projects is forbidden. NISHATI reserves the right to publish the winning logo on its print and electronic communications.
All participants will be awarded Certificate of Participation by NISHATI Project.
The winner will receive:
  • A price of US $200 worth of NISHATI Project
  • University gadgets from Project partners
  • Recognized in the official website of the Project and the website of his/her home university
  • Certification signed by NISHATI Project and the home university.

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