Appreciation for Successful Convocation General Elections

To : All Convocation Members

Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the Convocation General Elections held on Saturday, 23rd March, 2024.

The following were elected as the new office bearers for the next four (4) years

Convocation Executive Committee

  1. Byarugaba Isaiah Kanyamahane (Chairperson)
  2. Aine Richard Vice (Chairperson)
  3. Kigambegye Martin (Treasurer)
  4. Kyomugisha Catheline (Female National Representative)
  5. Twesiime Isaac Kagurusi (Male National Representative)
  6. Kyomugisha Racheal (Female Staff Representative)
  7. Arinaitwe Emmanuel H (Male Staff Representative)
  8. Tweterane Isaac (IT Person/Specialist)
  9. Nimusiima Tadius Kakwengo (Deputy General Secretary)

Convocation Representation to University Organs

  1. Singahache Denis Simpson TK  (University Council)
  2. Chantal Ingabire Mukankusi (University Senate)

I request all of us to encourage other prospective members to join the Convocation Association. Please be reminded that the Convocation comprises of the graduates of the University and members of staff.

The University graduates/Alumni become members after graduation but are expected to pay Annual subscription fee as approved by the General Meeting. (Currently, the subscription fee is only 20,000). For members of staff, they are required to pay the membership fee (currently shs. 20,000 only) and are expected to pay annual subscription fee of sh 20,000 each.

The more active members we are, the stronger the Association.

The Academic Registrar/General Secretary