Department of Biological Sciences

Ngabirano Hannington (Head of Department)

Ngabirano Hannington (Head of Department)

The Department of Biological Science and Chemistry aims at producing competent instructors, rich in content and professional knowledge in Biology and Chemistry. It considers the fact that recent global developments have put heavy demands on the qualifications which have subsequently triggered need for highly qualified people to teach, conduct research and serve in Biology and Chemistry related fields in different Departments.

The Department is cognizant that Chemistry is a highly desirable subject for science teaching, and is useful for careers in the public service and management. Both the public and the private sectors increasingly draw their higher management echelons from chemistry graduates.

Chemistry curriculum has been designed in response to the current demands for strong 1st degrees in terms of academic and professional content to enable Kabale University products to competently shine in the shrinking world market. The curriculum is meant for Bachelor of Science with education Degree programme and Bachelor of Science Degree programmes in Basic Sciences which involve Chemistry as one of the subjects studied.

Similarly, the Department has designed Biology Curriculum to enable training of competent undergraduates and graduates by enriching them with adequate Biological academic content and professional skills so that they can ably apply Biology in solving various tasks in different areas where it is applicable. Biology curriculum for undergraduates thoroughly prepares students in the fundamentals of the life sciences, providing the background necessary for continued professionals training in Biology related areas like education, research, health professions, agriculture, ecotourism, nutrition and biotechnology.


  • Bachelor of Science with education
  • Bachelor of Science education
  • Bachelor of Science