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Dr. Francis Akena Adyanga
Faculty Dean
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Warmest greetings and welcome to the faculty of Education! We are glad you visited our faculty today.

You are at the home of a vibrant unit at Kabale University. The faculty has a large number of students actively enrolled in diverse and contextually relevant programs. Our diverse and rigorous programs are purposely structured to prepare students for real success in the competitive world.

Through our programs, students are trained and equipped with specialized skills in teachings, applied educational research in academic institutions, the civil society, NGOs and government departments.

At the faculty, we greatly value, celebrate and promote diversity which is reflected in the structure of our students and staff fraternity. Our diversity is mirrored in gender, ethnicity, language, nationality, faith, educational level among others. This diversity is reinforced by the University’s strategic location at the confluence of four countries in the great Lakes region of Africa (Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo – DRC). As a faculty, we not only rhetorically sing diversity, but we walk and talk diversity! In aligning our objective to the University mission to excel in generation and dissemination of relevant knowledge and skills development for lifelong learning and community service, the faculty of education is establishing through research a unique partnership with the Batwa Indigenous Community. At the crux of the partnership is the motivation to improve quality of formal and Indigenous education for the traditionally marginalized Batwa Community.

The secret to the vibrancy of the faculty is embedded in the very existence of highly qualified staff committed to nurturing our students into competitive, compassionate, caring and skillful educators armed with the theoretical and practical knowledge/skills to address societal challenges. The faculty is committed to cultivating through quality teacher training programs, excellent educators to become teachers, adult educators, innovators, counsellors, community developers etc. In turn, these experts transform the lives of the community within and beyond our national borders. Through our vigorous school practicum program, the faculty provides opportunities for experiential learning hence blending theoretical knowledge with practical education in real life situation to ensure quality. The large students’ enrollment is a testament to the quality of our educational programs and the life changing implications it offers the community.

With great enthusiasm, I encourage you to visit us in person at the main campus on Kikungiri Hill for conversations with our highly motivated staff and talented students. You can also reach us by phone or email using the contacts provided herein. We have no doubt that our programs, being delivered with high degree of professionalism will meet your professional and career expectations.

Henceforth, I invite all prospective students interested in a profession in education and desire for quality instructions in a peaceful and motivating environment to, without hesitation pay us a visit. Faculty of Education at Kabale University is that place where your dream will be fulfilled no matter what.  With the hospitable, supportive, friendly and professional staff, you will have the unique opportunity to nurture your own rewarding education experiences in and outside the classrooms in a respectful environment.

Once again, friendliest greetings and thanks for visiting the faculty website.

Postgraduate Programmes

  • Master of Arts in Educational Mgt
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education

Undergraduate Programmes

  • Bachelor of Education – Secondary
  • Bachelor of Education – Primary
  • Bachelor of Science with Education (Fulltime)
  • Bachelor of Science with Education (Recess)
  • Bachelor of Arts with Education
  • Diploma in Education – Primary
Dr. Francis Akena AdyangaFaculty DeanPhD. (University of Toronto), MA. (University of Toronto), BAED. (MUK)CV
Idah Kalani SundayAssistant Administrative OfficerMAPAM (KAB) BAS,(KYU)

Research projects:

  1.  Examining the relocation of the Batwa Indigenous people from the forests and its Implications on their children Indigenous Education.
  2. Ineffectiveness of community and Institutional Level Frameworks in reducing Sexual Violence and Exploitation of young Women in Uganda.
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Dr. Francis Akena Adyanga, PhD.
Faculty Dean,
Phone: +256780121289
Email: fakena@kab.ac.ug