Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

Kabale University (KAB) aspires to be a University that contributes to the social economic transformation of society through knowledge generation and dissemination. As one of the key faculties of the University, the school of Arts and Social Sciences (KUSAS) has its goal as that of examining the society and its interests. The school is dedicated to the training, education, and producing researchers or general scholars and practitioners who have appropriate skills, knowledge, competences and attitudes to make ethical, professional, and creative contributions to their communities and the professional disciplines of human and social sciences.
Our graduates find opportunities in government and its associated agencies, Non-governmental and Civil Society Organizations; Private sector, Self-employment as well as in Research and Training Institutions. A number of on-going students and Alumni venture into National and Civic authority politics.

A number of our students with outstanding academic performance also benefit from various scholarships or loans offered by governments, embassies, educational charities, and other well-wishers.

Popular scholarships include among others; Madhvani, Master Card Foundation, Church Organizations and Philanthropists like Garuga and University’s Internal Scholarships such as the Karibwije’s Work and Study Program. These Scholarships ensure that we develop a strong pool of academic human resource for the future.

The Faculty now has a well diverse team of teaching staff who have a wide range of qualifications and experience. The faculty now boasts of 20 PhD holders among its teaching portfolio which will promote the teaching and research activities. A number of programmes will be developed to meet the diverse interests of our clients and the national development objectives of the countries.

The school will be launching annual conference series and a journal to scale up the research activities. An International Conference is to be convened in the Second Quarter, 2019/2020 Academic year.
The Faculty launched a Research Agenda which is vital for opening gates of opportunities for Research and publications, Research grants for training PhDs students, and participation in International academic forums.

We are looking forward to getting partners and collaborators in the areas of interest to support research and publications, training of academic staff for PhDs, and community engagement as well as in supporting the student exchange programs.
We welcome interest from prospective students, the public and for collaborations and are open and ready to receive you. We also encourage the public to come and attend our organized by the Faculty.
I welcome you to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Support us to make it stronger and efficient in helping humanity to deal with the challenges of the 21st Century.

Faculties or schools of social sciences world over have their goal as that of examining the society and its interests. Such faculties or schools aim at educating society on how to appreciate and understand social phenomenon and place these in a historical and social context. The faculties are often dedicated to the training, education, and producing researchers or general scholars and practitioners who have appropriate skills, knowledge, competences and attitudes to make ethical, professional, and creative contributions to their communities and the professional disciplines of human and social sciences.

Within the above thinking and in the desire to meet the mission and objectives of the University, the School of Arts and Social Sciences engages in;

  • Teaching and Training of Arts and Social Science Disciplines from the lowest level to highest level of education.
  • Conducting high level impactful Research within the social science disciplines
  • Undertaking consultancy and advisory services and evaluation studies to inform government, the private sector and CSOs about implications of social dynamics to management and transformation of society.
  • Offering community services to the communities in which the University operates but also within the country and other regional and global arenas.
  • Organising national, regional and international conferences and other fora to allow sharing of knowledge and research outputs and intellectual and practical discourses on the Arts and social science areas.
  • Engaging in publication and dissemination activities of research outcomes in the fields of study.
  • Engaging in collaborations, networks and partnerships with local, regional and international partners to ensure vibrant academic and research engagements
  • Undertaking any other activities that fulfils the mission and objectives of the university and those that promote national development goals and regional and international development frameworks like the Sustainable development goals.

PhD Programmes

  • PhD in Business Management by Research
  • PhD in Political Science and Public Administration (Upcoming)

 Master’s Degree Programmes

  • Master’s in Public Administration and Management
  • Master’s in Business Administration
  • Master’s in Human Resource Management
  • Master’s in Project Planning and Management
  • Masters in Monitoring and Evaluation (Upcoming)
  • Master’s in Public Policy (Upcoming)
  • Master’s in Institutional Governance and Leadership (Upcoming)
  • Master’s in Strategy and Military studies (Upcoming).
  • Master’s in Financial Management and Control (Upcoming)
  • Executive Masters in Business Administration (Upcoming).
  • MSc in Economic Policy and Planning (Upcoming).
  • Master of Arts in Economics (Upcoming).

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration and Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management and Strategy (Upcoming)

Undergraduate Degree Programmes

  • Bachelors in Public Administration and Management
  • Bachelor of Arts and Social Work
  • Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Economics
  • Bachelor of statistics
  • Bachelor of Accounting and Finance.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics Management

Undergraduate Diploma Programmes

  • Diploma in Public Administration and Management
  • Diploma in Tourism
  • Diploma in Hotel Management

Professional and Short Courses



1ProfessorBenon C BashekaPhD Political Science and Public Administration (UDSM-Tanzania), PhD Educational Management, Planning and Administration (MUK), Masters in Social Sector Management (MUK), Masters in Project Management (UMI), Postgraduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management (UMI), Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (UK), Bachelor Political Science and Public Administration (MUK)CV
2ProfessorSiraje KaayaPhD Business Leadership and Management (MMU), MBL (UNISA), BBA (MAK), UDBS (NCBS)
3ProfessorNatal AyigaPhD (Demography and Population Studies), Makerere University Sandwitch Johns Hopkins Population Center, Baltmore USA.
4Associate ProfessorCaleb TamwesigirePhD Business Administration  ( Washington University,PA-USA; MA. public   Administration    ( Carleton University ,Ottawa-Canada; BA –Economics Mak
5Associate ProfessorMessach KatusiimePhD (Urban Governance), Weigeningen University), M. Pub. Admin. And Mgt. (Mak) and B. Arts (Muk)
6Senior LecturerStanley Kinyata, PhDPhD. Economics (University of Toulouse and Paris)
Dip. International Development Studies(Toulouse University)
M.A. Economics (Toulouse University)
B. Econ.( Toulouse University)
7Senior LecturerAbanis Turyahebwa, PhD


PhD (Mg.t Science –Finance & Accounting) KIU-2012, MBA (Finance & Accounting) KIU-2008
8LecturerAbel Mucunguzi,PhDPhD Pol. & Social Sciences (Pub. Admin., Pub. Policy & Governance) Antwerp Univ.Belgium, M. Pub. Policy &Mgt (Onash University),Admin. Law (LDC) 1997 and

B. Arts (Muk).

9LecturerEton Marus, PhDPhD, Nkumba University. PGD-M&E (UMI), 2017. MBA (Cavendish University), 2012.PGD-Financial MGT (Gulu University), 2010. Bachelor of Commerce (Mak), 2006. Higher Dip. Marketing (MUBS), 2001.CV
10LecturerChrisostom Oketch, PhDPhD Mgt Science (Pub. Mgt) KIU 2012

M. Pub. Admin (UMI) 2018, M. Human Resource Mgt (KIU) 2008,B. Pub. Admin (KIU) 1ST CLASS 2005

11LecturerSamuel Karuhanga,PhDPhD Philosophy (Psychology) Weseda University Tokyo-Japan-2017

M. Counseling Psychology (Muk) 2009


12LecturerJulius Chama, PhDPhD UDOM – Tanzania, MA (ETPM) Mak, BA(SS) Mak
13LecturerGodfrey Barigye, PhDPhD (MUST), MAPAM (Mak) BA(Mak), Dip.ED{Sec}(ITEK) Cert.Admin.Law.
14LecturerMoses Agaba, PhDPhD-(BM). (KIU), MBA (KIU),


15LecturerEliab Mpora Byamukama, PhDPhD (Finance & Accounting) KIU-2012, MBA (Finance & Accounting) KIU-2006,B. Accounting Science (University of Transkei South Africa) 2001
16LecturerChristopher. S.  Olugnowa, PhDPhD Pol.Scie and Publ Admn, Nigeria, Msc. Public Admin, Benin, Bsc Pol Sci, Nigeria.
17LecturerAfolabi Luqman ( PhD)Phd Intern. Econ, Malaysia, Msc Econ, Malaysia, Bsc. Econ Nigeria
18LecturerArthur Sunday, PhDPhD. Accounting and Finance, MBA(Finance and Accounting, KIU, Bachelor of Business Administration-Accounting,
19LecturerCliff Richard Kikawa, PhD


PhD (TUT,SA), MStat (Mak), BSCED(MUST)
20Assistant LecturerChristine AmpumuzaPhD Candidate); MSC. LTE(Wageningen);


21Assistant LecturerJohn Edward AkarampuziPhD Student (NU), MBA (KIU); BTM (MAK)
22Assistant LecturerGideon MugishaPhD Student in Social Policy, Catholic University, Kenya MSW(UCU), BA.SWSA (KAB)
23Assistant LecturerWarren AryeijaPhD Student in Sociology, Kenyatta University(KU), MA, Sociology, Moi University(MU),  BA.SS, Makerere University(MAK).
24Abbas MugishaPhD(Student), Open University of Tanzania(OUT), MA in International Relation and Diplomatic Studies, (MAK), PGD Human Resource, (IUIU), BASS (IUIU)
25Dickens NiwagabaMSW Uganda Christian University (UCU), PGD HR, (UCU), BED (UCU), DIP EDUC, Institute of Teacher Education, Kyambogo(ITEK).
26Donisian Hategekimana


MA in Social Work Uganda Christian University, (UCU).SWSA, BA in Social Work and Social Administration, Kabale University(KAB)
27George MugavuM. Organization & Pub. Policy Mgt (student)

B. Social Sciences  (Kyu) 1st class 2015

28Ahabwe EdwardMBA(KAB), BBA (MUST), Dip. Ed (ITEK)
29Alex KanyesiimeMMSHRM(UMI), PGDHRM (UMI),



30Arinaitwe JuliusMHRM(MAK), BED(MAK),DIP(ITEK)

(Cert CSIT


31Caroline MasikoMBA (KAB),BBA UCU
33Turyamushana LabsonMBA.ACC. & FIN. (KIU), BBA (NDEJJE)
34Jolly Nyesigire       KakayiMBA (UCU), BBA(UCU),PGD-HRM(UCU)


35Nansamba EstherM.SC HTMgt (MAK); BCH Mgt (MAK); UDHIC (UCC)
36Rugumambaju StephenM.A. Tourism Mgt. (University of Westminster- London); BTM (1st Class-MAK)
37Sylivia Tushabe ByarugabaM.SC HTMgt (MAK); PGDBA (UMI); BCH Mgt (MAK);
38Byanyima FaustinoMA.Econ (Mak), PGDM&E (UMI), BA.Educ (KYU)
39Mayanja EdisonM.Stat (Mak), PGDM&E (UMI), BSC.Educ (MUST)
40Nabimanya BoazMSc.Econ Student (BSU), PGDE (KIU), BQE(GULU)


Naris NinsiimaMAPAM (Kab), BSES (Mak)Administrative Officer
Ms. Atuhaire MacklineMAHRM (Kab), BOMSS (BSU), DSS (BSU)Asst. Admin. Officer
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