It is important to note that the governing organs of the university are in line with the requirements of The Universities and Other institutions. Act 2001. Members of these bodies are, therefore, appointed and/or elected to represent various stakeholders and in accordance with their expertise. Membership changes every five years. It is not permanent.
The membership of the University comprises of:

  • The Chancellor;
  • The University Council;
  • The Vice-Chancellor;
  • The Deputy Vice-Chancellor(s);
  • The Senate;
  • The Academic Staff;
  • The University administration and management, which includes the Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (s), the University Secretary, Academic Registrar, University Librarian, Dean of Students, University Bursar, Internal Auditor, Medical Officer and Estates Manager;
  • All other members of staff of the University;
  • The Students of the University;
  • The Alumni;

Such other members of the University formally admitted into association with the University as the Council may, from time to time determine.

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