Games and Sports

University has established a Games and Sports Department headed by a Sports Tutor. Due to the importance it attaches on the students’ health and well-being, the university has gone out of its way to spend substantial sums of money to purchase a variety of sports and games equipment so that as many students as possible can access them and enjoy them. Every student is, therefore, encouraged to take advantage of the Games and Sports Department.

The following rules and regulations will apply on the preservation of the University sports and games equipment and fields for the good of everyone:

  • The Games Tutor shall be in charge of all sports and games equipment and no sports equipment shall be issued out to students without his/her consent and approval;
  • No University sports and games equipment shall go outside the Campus without express permission of the Sports Tutor;
  • In administering the Games and Sports Department, the Sports Tutor shall be assisted by all students, especially the leadership of the students Games Union.
  • Although the Games Union shall be an affiliate of the Students Guild, it shall be independent of the Guild, but run on democratic principles by the students who have exhibited keen interest and achievement in games and sports.
  • In-door and out-door games and sports must be on a competitive basis among halls of residence and annual prizes instituted for the best performing individual and hall of residence.
  • As a sign of the importance it attaches on sports and games, the University Council will from time to time decide on how to reward Sports men and women.