Bachelor’s Degree Fees Structure

Academic ProgrammesTuition Fees(Per Semester)
Applied Design and Fine ArtUshs 1,550,000
Arts in EconomicsUshs 625,000
Arts with Education (Secondary)Ushs 600,000
Building and Civil EngineeringUshs 1,900,000
Business AdministrationUshs 625,000
Computer ScienceUshs 750,000
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringUshs 1,900,000
Environmental Health ScienceUshs 980,000
Environmental ScienceUshs 625,000
Information TechnologyUshs 750,000
Land Use Planning and MgtUshs 625,000
Library and Information ScienceUshs 625,000
Mechanical EngineeringUshs 1,900,000
Medicine and SurgeryUshs 2,699,000
Nursing Science (diploma holders)Ushs 980,000
Nursing science (direct entrants)Ushs 2,000,000
Procurement and Logistics MgtUshs 625,000
Public Administration and MgtUshs 625,000
Records ManagementUshs 625,000
Science with Education (Secondary)Ushs 600,000
Social Work and Social AdminUshs 625,000
TourismUshs 625,000

Consequential/Circumstantial Charges

Late Registration fee30,000= (per year)
Retake/missed examination fee50,000= (per paper)
Special Examination fee30,000= (per paper)
Lost Certificate/Transcript replacement50,000= (per issue)
Lost Identity Card replacement20,000= (per issue)
Lost registration card replacement5,000= (per issue)
Lost Library card replacement3,000= (per issue)
Lost examination card replacement5,000= (per issue)
Lost admission letter replacement5,000= (per issue)
Certification of academic papers3,000= (per copy)

- The University Council reserves the right to adjust the fees without prior notice
- These Programmes are run over the Weekend (Friday to Sunday)

University fees are deposited with either STANBIC BANK or CRANE BANK (Kabale University Accounts)

  • STANBIC Account Details: A\C Number: 9030005669277; A\C Type: Current; Stanbic Bank Kabale Branch
  • CRANE Account Details: A\C Number: 1011011020000433; A\C Type: Current; Kabale Branch

ONLY Development Fund is deposited with CENTENARY BANK: Kabale Branch; A\C Number: 7010400026; A\C Type: Current
Contribution to NCHE should be deposited with the NCHE Stanbic Bank Account:
Name: Students’ Collection; A\C Number: 9030005961997;  Kyambogo Branch

Functional Fees/ Charges General/Compulsory

Computer Laboratory Fees30,000= (Per Semester)
Contribution to NCHE20,000= (Per Year)
Development Fund50,000= (Per Semester)
Examination Fee50,000= (Per Semester)
Games Union Fee10,000= (Per Semester)
Identity Card20,000= (Paid Once)
Library Fee20,000= (Per Year)
Medical Fee30,000= (Per Year)
Registration Fee20,000= (Per Year)
Research Fee20,000= (Per year)
Training materials (Engineering only)50,000= (per Semester)
Skills Laboratory Fee (For BNS, MBChB)200,000= (Per semester)
Student Guild Fee10,000= (Per Semester)
Students’ Manual20,000= (paid Once)
Transport fee (for BNS, BEH, MBChB)170,000= (Per Semester)
University Gown20,000= (Paid Once)
Graduation fee150,000= (paid once)
Contribution to UNSA2,000= (per year)

Functional Fees/ Charges Optional (for residents)

Meals444,000= (Per Semester)
Accommodation100,000= (Per semester)

Fieldwork/Study/Industrial Training/ Attachment/Internship/School Practice fee

Applied Design and Fine Art150,000= (per year)
Arts in Economics100,000= (per year)
Building and Civil Engineering150,000= (per year)
Business Administration100,000= (per year)
Computer Science100,000= (per year)
Education (school practice)100,000= (per year)
Electrical and Electronics Engineering150,000= (per year)
Environmental Health Science200,000= (par year)
Environmental Science150,000= (per year)
Geography students100,000= (per year)
Information Technology100,000= (per year)
Land Use Planning and Management150,000= (per year)
Library and Information Science100,000= (per year)
Mechanical Engineering150,000= (per year)
Medicine and Surgery300,000= (per year)
Nursing Science150,000= (per Year)
Procurement and Logistics Mgt100,000= (per year)
Public Administration and Mgt100,000= (per year)
Records Management100,000= (per year)
Social Work and Social Admin100,000= (per year)
Students of French200,000= (per year)
Tourism150,000= (per year)