Residence in the Halls

All students duly admitted into a hall of residence belonging to the University must adhere to the following rules and regulations in order to make their collective stay a happy one:-

  1.         All resident students shall reside in the halls throughout the

Semester after payment of the appropriate dues as instructed by the University.

  1. The resident student must use his/her accommodation judiciously and

Not cause any damage or disfiguring on it.

  1. The student is responsible for the safety and protection of his/her

property in his/her room. The University will not be responsible for any

loss, damage or disrepair that may occur to the property of the resident student.     

No Strangers Allowed to be Accommodated

No strangers - non-resident/part time students, relatives or friend shall be allowed to sleep in the hall of residence except with permission of the Warden of the Hall of Residence on payment of appropriate fees.

Beginning and Ending of Semester

  1. All resident students in a hall of residence shall be given only one night free in the hall at the beginning of a semester after registering officially with the Warden’s office.
  1. At the end of a Semester every resident student shall vacate the hall not later than 2:00p.m after inspection by the Custodian.
  1. Every resident student shall hand over the room door keys to the Custodian on vacating the room.
  1. Students who wish to stay in the room for various reasons must obtain written permission from the Warden and pay the appropriate charges.

Closing of Halls and Visitors

  1. The gates of a hall of residence shall be closed to all visitors by 9:00p.m
  1. No male student or female student shall allow any person of the opposite sex to enter or remain in his/her room after 9:00p.m
  1. No resident student shall enter or leave his/her hall of residence after 12:00 mid-night and before 6:00a.m in the morning unless prior permission in writing was obtained from the Warden.
  1. Resident students are expected not to corrupt/bribe the Custodian on duty in order to flout these rules.
  1. On reasonable suspicion that the visitor or resident student has or is about to commit an unlawful act, the Custodian may search the visitor or student or the room.

Continuing Students

  1. The continuing students at the end of the normal semester period must notify the Warden of their intention to reside in the Hall and pay the appropriate dues.


In order to stay in a serene and peaceful environment, resident students shall strictly respect the right of others to silence after 11:00p.m until 6:00a.m. Even at other times students are expected to keep low volumes of their radio and TV sets.

Room Care

All resident students are responsible for keeping their rooms neat, clean and attractively arranged. A regular room inspection is carried out. Nails are not allowed to be driven in the walls. Only picture/photo hooks with adhesives are allowed. No additional furniture shall be allowed in the room.

Room Privacy

All students shall respect their rights especially with regard to privacy of their rooms. No one should enter another’s room without appropriate knock and permission to enter.

Sanitation and Cleanliness

  1. Washing of clothes shall be done only in the laundry areas.
  2. Drying of clothes shall be done outside the hall on the drying lines.
  1. and useless paper must be deposited in dust bits provided. Used bulbs, razor blades etc should not be disposed through the windows.
  1. The hall attendant/cleaner shall maintain the corridors, toilets and bathrooms.
  1. At the beginning of the semester, resident students must bring enough toilet paper, soap and other personal sanitary materials.
  1. Female resident students and visitors must dispose their used sanitary materials in the especially provided buckets.

Fire Hazards

Resident students shall not be allowed to possess, let alone, to use any fire- works equipment of any kind in their rooms like primus stoves, charcoal stoves, hot plates or any flammable materials which could contribute to fire hazards.

Resident Assistant Wardens

Resident Assistants/Assistant Wardens shall be assigned to a hall of residence to perform the following:

  1. Assist the Warden in managing the hall.
  2. Supervise workers in the hall as assigned by the Warden.
  3. Maintain order and decorum in the areas of their jurisdiction.
  4. Give advice and counselling to any students facing socio-economic problems.
  5. Settle minor disputes/disagreements etc.