ICT Service Unit

Kabale University with the support of external partners, is gearing the promotion of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in and around its vicinity of Kigezi. The University in its strategic plans, aims at bridging the gap for the digital divide exhibited in academic and non-academic functions through use of basic ICT solutions. Recently Inaugurated, the ICT service at Kabale University has progressively taken a new twist. A fancy modern computer laboratory, well linked to a broad band internet link forms the backbone. Kabale University still, not only aims at producing first class computer competent teachers with a unique methodology of teaching science, math and Technology (SMT) under the millennium science initiative project, but also enjoys quality advanced computer training over various academic disciplines. In recognition of the global scarcity of ICT expertise, an ICT Business Development Center (BDC) is being set up in collaboration with Uganda Industrial Research Institute (UIRI) at the University main campus. Let us all promote ICT at Kabale University as we serve and observe the motto, “knowledge is the future.”