Re-scheduling examinations timetabled for 24th June 2017

Re-scheduling examinations timetabled for 24th June 2017

Kabale university has organized a special event due on Saturday 24th June 2017 in recognition of services offered by former members of Governing bodies, and conferment of honorary degree to some distinguished members of the Community.

Members of Staff and students are invited to the occasion.

Since members of Staff and Students shall participate in the activities of the Occasion, it has necessitated postponing all examinations scheduled for that day 24/06/2017 to the dates indicated below:

  1. Wednesday 28th June 2017 for Institute of Engineering Examinations
  2. Thursday 29th June 2017 for Faculty of Science examinations
  3. Friday 30th June 2017 for other Faculties / Institutes examinations

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