King of Kings

King of Kings


Joseph and Mary
Leaving Nazareth
In Galilee for a census,
Obligatory, brought forth
King of the Jews.

In Bethlehem of Judea
In the reign of Herod
A Virgin Betrothed,
Brought forth
King of the Jews.

Shepherds tended sheep
A great light shone
Upon them, as angels
Announced the birth of
King of the Jews.

The King in a manger lay
Wrapped snugly in cloth
There being no rooms
In the village inn for
King of the Jews.

Wise men from East
Led by a bright star
Brought frankincense
Gold and myrrh for
King of the Jews.

The Wise men avoided
Herod who, in dread for
Political rivals
Planned annihilation of
King of the Jews.

Do you see the miracle birth?
Of the King of the Jews
Whose death, later stood for
Salvation of us all!

John Michael Edoru
Quality Assurance Officer

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