Lucky J. Musika (Ag Head of Department)

Lucky J. Musika (Ag Head of Department)

The Department of Applied Design and Fine Art is one of the four departments of the Faculty of Engineering, Technology, Applied Design and Fine Art. It started in October 2016 with the introduction of the Bachelor of Applied Design and Fine Art. This programme was necessitated by the need to have a curriculum that teaches the technical and aesthetical approach to Design and Decoration, a curriculum that addresses design and function in products which people use in their daily life.

Courses offered by the Department
Our department has a rich curriculum that is relevant to the needs of both the modern and local communities. Our courses range from industrial arts such as design drawing/technical drawing, computing and multi-media, industrial ceramics, graphics design, interior design and landscaping, textiles and fashion, photography, wood and metal fabrication design, to the popular traditional fine arts such as freehand drawing, oil and watercolor painting and sculpture.

Study Facilities
The department currently has sufficient studio space for students practical and theory sessions, and the university is working to provide more space with the expansion of the department.

Academic Staff.
The department of applied design and fine art has a number of qualified, experienced and highly specialized staff to man the program. The university is working to provide even more qualified staff to match the growth of the department.

We invite talented people and those who wish to acquire professional training in visual, industrial and technical arts to join us so that you can learn skills to create employment for yourself and others.