Engineering, Technology, Applied Design & Fine Art

Inaugurated in 2008, the institute set out to train highly versatile technicians and engineers in the fields of Electrical, Mechanical and Civil & Building Engineering. In 2009, the Institute received her first 9 Students and her population has grown exponentially over the years to include over 200 Students, owing to our highly trained, seasoned and well-chosen staff

The Institute also boasts of her well-equipped workshops and laboratories that help facilitate the thorough equipping of her students with the necessary technical skills. The Institute is housed on the expansive land at Nyabikoni, specious enough to enable students interact freely with themselves and with their Lecturers hence stimulating a good learning atmosphere. So far, our graduates have been able to find job placements in highly competitive places like UMEME, UETCL, National Water and Sewerage Corporation among others, we surely are delivering on our promises.

The Institute is divided into three departments: Civil & Building, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering departments. Currently, these departments are training and passing out diploma and certificate holders but plans are underway to start bachelors in the very near future. These departments are being manned by the capable and distinguished leadership of Ms.PhionaAkatukwasa, Mr Mwanja Charles Grace and Mr. Twine UsitoBakesigakirespectively

The Institute is proudly and highly esteemed in the cordial relations she enjoys with her neighbours, within the region. She has struck such close ties with National Teachers College, Kabale (NTC – Kabale), Kabale Technical Institute among others, where these institutions jointly share information, workshop and laboratory facilities to enhance the proper training of the students.