Kabale University awards honorary degrees

On Saturday, 24th June 2017, Kabale University had a colourful event on which former members of the University Governing Organs and promoters were recognized and gallant members of the community awarded Honorary Degrees.The Chancellor Professor Mondo Kagonyera conferred Honorary Degrees upon the following:Mzee Festo Karwemera Doctor of Literature – Education [...]


Belated as it seems Find no harm In this greeting Wishing   you Happy New  Twenty Seventeen! Academic year ends Youthful   Kabians Harvest their papers As   farmers  their crops Harvest  bountiful. Not so for all The lazing scholar Exits with a grimace Cursing the tutor For  mean red pen. It takes effort For one to smile And attire in gowns Celebrating  success Slaughtering  hens. Dear Kabian Though  it is June I wish [...]

Re-scheduling examinations timetabled for 24th June 2017

Kabale university has organized a special event due on Saturday 24th June 2017 in recognition of services offered by former members of Governing bodies, and conferment of honorary degree to some distinguished members of the Community.Members of Staff and students are invited to the occasion.Since members of Staff and Students [...]

Renewal of contract for all Kabale University staff members whose contracts will expire by 30th October 2017

This is to remind all those members of staff whose contracts will expire by 30th October 2017 to apply for renewal of their contract Appointments. You are reminded to apply through your Head of Departments/Deans and Directors.Please pick the Contract renewal form from the Human Resource Office and return them not [...]