Promoting Intangible Cultural Heritage in Institutions of Higher Learning in Uganda

Kabale University in partnership with Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda is implementing a three years project of promoting intangible cultural heritage in Ugandan Universities. This project is sponsored by UNESCO and Kabale University is among the four Universities that we’re selected to implement the project. The project focuses on creating [...]

Workshop with Faculty Quality Assurance Committees

On Wednesday, 30th Jan 2019, the Quality Assurance Unit organized a one-day training workshop for the newly inaugurated Faculty QA Committees. The committees were drawn from the seven faculties of the university but each faculty sent at least a member from each department so that there is equal representation.Terms [...]

Kabale University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences recognize Research Scholars

Teaching, Research and Publications, Community service remains a mandate of higher learning Institutions in Uganda. Kabale University is working hard to implement that mandate . The KAB strategic plan 2015/16-2020/21 pillar number 5, targets research publication and dissemination as a key priority area.  In this direction,the Faculty of Arts [...]

New Innovations exhibited By Kabale University students during The 2019 Parliamentary Week of The Parliament of Uganda

On 15th January 2019, Kabale University recently participated in the 2019 Parliamentary week exhibitions and during which students at Kabale University were able to showcase a number of innovations from different faculties. The University was represented by students from Faculty of Engineering, Technology and Applied Design and School of [...]