Other Expenses for Postgraduate Programmes

– The University Council reserves the right to adjust the fees without prior notice
– These Programmes are run over the Weekend (Friday to Sunday)

University fees are deposited with either STANBIC BANK or CRANE BANK (Kabale University Accounts)

  • STANBIC Account Details: A\C Number: 9030005669277; A\C Type: Current; Stanbic Bank Kabale Branch
  • CRANE Account Details: A\C Number: 1011011020000433; A\C Type: Current; Kabale Branch

ONLY Development Fund is deposited with CENTENARY BANK: Kabale Branch; A\C Number: 7010400026; A\C Type: Current
Contribution to NCHE should be deposited with the NCHE Stanbic Bank Account:
Name: Students’ Collection; A\C Number: 9030005961997;  Kyambogo Branch